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Dr Siah is one of the few hair specialists in the UK who has the unique experience in both medical and surgical management of hair loss problems. Dr Siah provides global approach to different forms of hair loss and scalp conditions and is able to arrange immediate investigations and commence on treatment promptly.From her experience in managing patients with hair loss, Dr Siah noticed many patients waited for a long time before they came to see a qualified hair specialist. This may have dire consequences as some forms of hair loss are irreversible (scarring hair loss) and patients may have lost significant amount of hair before diagnosis was established. Hence, Dr Siah would like to urge patients with hair loss to see a hair specialist as soon as possible before it is too late!​



Scarring alopecias are regarded as trichologic emergencies as hair loss is irreversible, rapidly progressive, and can be disfiguring. Patients could experience tremendous anxiety, low self-esteem, and extreme psychosocial stress. Hence, prompt diagnosis and aggressive treatment are essential in the management of active primary scarring alopecias as early intervention may slow down or prevent further hair loss.’  Scarring alopecias: a trichologic emergency. Semin Cutan Med Surg. 2015 Jun;34(2):76-80.'

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